CDM Projects

  • Natural coagulopathy and characteristics of its treatment in COVID-19 patients

    Recently studies have identified multiple abnormalities of coagulation in many COVID-19 patients. The factors associated with the development of thrombosis in patients with COVID-19 have not been fully evaluated and so the understanding of the determinants of thrombotic events in COVID-19 is important to reducing their risk.

  • Patterns of steroid utilization in COVID-19 patients

    The National Institute of Health’s COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines state that dexamethasone should not be used in outpatients with mild to moderate COVID-19, or in hospitalized patients who do not require supplemental oxygen. This study will describe the patterns of corticosteroid use in outpatients with COVID-19 from several Canadian provinces and evaluate the effects of this use on important adverse outcomes.

  • Utilization of angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) in Canada

    In 2018/19, Health Canada, the US FDA, and other regulatory agencies issued recalls of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA)- and N-nitrosodiethylamine (NDEA)-contaminated angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs). Despite timely dissemination of these safety communications, little is known about how prescribers and patients responded to the notices.