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CNODES Trainee Spotlight | Donica Janzen, University of Manitoba


Donica Janzen, BSP, is a PhD candidate at the College of Pharmacy at the University of Manitoba. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from the University of Saskatchewan in 2011. After graduation, she worked as a pharmacist in northern Manitoba. Later, she decided to pursue graduate training in pharmacoepidemiology at the University of Manitoba in order to bridge the gaps in evidence that she encountered in her work. She started an MSc with Dr. Silvia Alessi-Severini in 2016 and transferred to the PhD program in 2018.


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Colin R. Dormuth is the Training Team lead.

Find his bio here.


The Methods Team would like to welcome two new additions. Michael Webster-Clark, PhD, is a postdoctoral fellow who will be working on methods for transportability and generalizability of results within and across networks, as well as other pharmacoepidemiologic methods. Qi Zhang, MSc, is joining us as a research assistant to work on methods research and visualizations of CNODES data. Michael and Qi will sit at the Coordinating Centre (when we get back to the office!). We look forward to a productive year and some potential collaborations!


Robert Platt is the Methods Team lead. Find his bio here.


Our team has been working on two projects: (a) continued development of the CNODES Variable Library, and (b) development of a data quality literature review and survey tool.


The CNODES Variable Library


The Variable Library is a resource to support investigators as they select variables to use for CNODES multi-database research projects. The Variable Library contains information about measures of drug exposures, health conditions, healthcare use, and determinants of health. All measures included in the CNODES Variable Library are identified and extracted from the Statistical Analysis Plans (SAPs) of completed CNODES projects. Site-specific adaptation forms are carefully reviewed to ensure that any deviations from the SAP in the specification of measures (e.g., differences in diagnosis codes across sites) are also captured. Wherever possible, the Variable Library contains documentation about decisions to select one measure over another, such as existing studies about the validity (i.e., accuracy) of a measure. This last element of the Variable Library has, to date, rarely been captured in existing SAPs, but will be an important addition to new SAPs. Carolina Moriello and Audray St-Jean did much of the preparatory work on the Variable Library (thank you!). Dr. Lix’s research assistant, Ko Long Choi, who is based at the University of Manitoba, is continuing this work. A process document to describe the contents of the library and who will extract and verify this information has also been developed, which is important for ensuring consistency in the Library contents.


Data Quality Literature Review and Survey Tool


The administrative data used by CNODES were never intended to be used for research about drug safety and effectiveness; data quality and variability in quality across sites is a potential threat to the validity of research findings. Distributed health data networks in other jurisdictions have developed tools and methods to conduct standardized data quality assessments and report the results of these assessments in a transparent way. Examples of toolkits that have been developed include (1) the Sentinel Data Quality Review and Characterization Programs, which are used for data quality review and characterization of the Sentinel Distributed Database, and (2) the OHDSI (Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics) tool called ACHILLES (Automated Characterization of Health Information at Large-scale Longitudinal Evidence Systems), which provides characterizations and visualizations of databases and the OHDSI Data Quality Dashboard, which performs over 1500 data quality checks on the OHDSI common data model. The Database Development Team has conducted a literature review of these tools and methods and is currently compiling this information into a report. A next step is to conduct a survey about existing data quality assessment practices at each site, and then use this information to explore the development of a harmonized data quality reporting system for all CNODES sites.


Lisa Lix is the Database Development Team lead. Find her bio here.


Gender Parity in Pharmacoepidemiology Authorship


The Knowledge Translation Team has published a manuscript, Exploring female parity in pharmacoepidemiology authorship: A case study of the Canadian Network for Observational Drug Effect Studies and its citing articles, by Ingrid Sketris, Robyn Traynor, Melissa Helwig, Elaine Burland, and Samuel Stewart, in Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety (PDS). The authors examined the relationship between gender and authorship in CNODES journal articles and the literature citing them. Women contributed to 36% of journal article authorships, including 14% of corresponding author positions for CNODES articles. CNODES articles had a slightly higher percentage of female authorships than the citing literature (36% vs 29%, difference of 7%, 95% CI: [1, 13%]). Bibliometric databases and a gender application programming interface (API; https://gender-api.com/en/) provide readily available data that with mindful use can benchmark female parity in academic authorship. The API provided gender classification for 94% of CNODES authors but had challenges with non-Latin and gender-neutral names. This analysis provides a benchmark and method to monitor progress in female parity in pharmacoepidemiology authorship. Further work is needed to determine and address barriers and facilitators to women’s recruitment and advancement in the field of pharmacoepidemiology.


Ingrid Sketris is the Knowledge Translation Team lead. Find her bio here.






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