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Ten Years and Looking Into the Future


On May 11, CNODES hosted a virtual spring semi-annual meeting. We heard from CNODES Executive Dr. Samy Suissa, who explained the role of CNODES and its plan for the future. We heard from health stakeholders at Health Canada and international collaborators from Europe and the USA. We also learned about CNODES' impact in the literary and online sphere, and additional plans for further measuring impact across the organization and beyond. With all these stimulating presentations, we can't help but get excited for the next 10 years of CNODES.


Presentations included:

  • Introduction by Samy Suissa, CNODES
  • DSEN and Health Canada Update by Barry Jones, Health Canada
  • CNODES Knowledge Translation: Outputs and Inputs by Philippe Mongeon, Dalhousie University
  • CNODES Update: The Common Data Model by J. Michael Paterson, CNODES
  • European Medicines Agency: The DAWIN-EU Network Xavier Kurtz, EMA
  • The FDA-Sentinel Network by Jeffrey Brown, Sentinel


Click here to watch the recording.

Save-the-Date | Virtual Monthly Seminars


Wednesday, June 16, 2021 | Dr. Michele L. Jonsson-Funk, University of North Carolina


Meeting ID: 859 2055 6588

Passcode: Seminar

Link to seminar


This final seminar in our series will take place virtually at 2:00 PM (EST).

Click here for past seminar recordings.

CNODES Trainee Spotlight | Wajd Alkabbani, University of Waterloo


Wajd Alkabbani, BSc Pharm, MSc is a PhD candidate at the School of Pharmacy at the University of Waterloo. Her PhD thesis focuses on the complex relationship between diabetes and dementia, while her research assistantship involves conducting a series of cohort studies to assess the comparative safety of the newest class of diabetes medications. Wajd is excited to use real-world data to play "clinical detective" and pursue several research investigations that combine both neuropsychiatric conditions and diabetes, and to ensure that available sources of evidence are an output of appropriate and comprehensive evidentiary sources, so that clinicians and policy makers can make better decisions.


Read full trainee profile


Colin R. Dormuth is the Training Team lead.

Find his bio here.


CNODES Variable Library


Dr. Lisa Lix and her team are developing the CNODES Variable Library as a resource to support new projects. The Variable Library contains information about the measures and algorithms used to define drug exposures, health conditions, healthcare use, and determinants of health in prior projects. It will soon be made available to all CNODES investigators and trainees, along with information about its contents and potential uses. This library is intended to improve the efficiency of new projects, because it can facilitate team decisions about how to define outcomes, exposures, and confounders across multiple sites based on experiences in prior projects.


Recent Conference Presentation


On June 1-3, 2021 at the Canadian Society of Epidemiology and Biostatistics Conference, we presented Validity of an algorithm to identify cardiovascular deaths from administrative health records: a multi-database population-based cohort study by LM Lix, S Sobhan, A St-Jean, J-M Daigle, A Fisher, OHY Yu, S Dell’Aniello, N Hu, SC Bugden, BR Shah, PE Ronksley, S Alessi-Severini, A Douros, P Ernst, KB Filion.


Lisa Lix is the Database Development Team lead. Find her bio here.


Available KT Resources


Familiarity with key knowledge translation (KT) concepts and skills increases a trainees' ability to share their research with a variety of stakeholders. A strong KT foundation improves their success in incorporating their findings into practice, policy, and other applications and, ultimately, enhances their potential career opportunities. However, CNODES graduate students and postdoctoral fellows – especially those in pharmacoepidemiology, epidemiology, mathematics, or biostatistics – may not have the opportunity to receive formal training in KT in their respective programs.


The CNODES KT Team has curated a collection of resources – including academic courses, co-curricular opportunities, websites, and programs – to familiarize our and other DSEN/DSECT trainees with this continually evolving field, as they consider incorporating KT training into their current and future research activities. Trainees should discuss whether any of these activities would be suitable with their graduate department chair and/or supervisor(s).


Click here to access a list of KT training websites and programs.


For further information on these and broader training opportunities, please contact training@cnodes.ca


Ingrid Sketris is the Knowledge Translation Team lead. Find her bio here.






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