Methods Team Overview

The Methods Team provides leadership and advice on innovative study design and rigorous methodological approaches in CNODES projects.

Role within CNODES projects

The Methods Team supports the development of the scientific and analytical protocols for each project and oversees data management and analysis at the individual sites. Most CNODES projects involve a meta-analysis to allow for the pooling of regional study results; the Methods Team conducts these analyses.  The team also provides information on the bias, precision and validity of study results as well as limitations allowing the user to understand the degree of certainty related to the results.


Members of the Methods Team include leaders in biostatistics and pharmacoepidemiology from across Canada, as well as trainees at several levels and senior data analysts (see the list of Methods Team members here).

Research on design and analysis

In addition to work within CNODES studies responding to specific queries, the Methods Team conducts research on the design and analysis of pharmacoepidemiological studies.  In particular, we conduct research on causal inference in large administrative datasets, confounding control via analysis, and efficient design of studies to minimize confounding prior to analysis.  We also conduct research on best practices in meta-analysis of observational studies.  A list of research papers published by the methods team is given on the Methods Projects page.