Training Team Overview

The mission of the Training Team is to foster the training of highly-skilled individuals to ensure the safety and effectiveness of medicines for all Canadians.


The purpose of the Training Team is to build capacity in Canada for conducting rigorous population-based observational drug effect studies. We organize training activities that focus on design and analysis of observational studies using large administrative health care databases.


CNODES brings together experts in epidemiology, statistics, and data analysis, as well as pharmacists and physicians. Our investigators employ powerful and often cutting edge analytical models to conduct studies. Specific expertise and knowledge of complex tasks are required of CNODES analysts and those entering into this field of research; the Training Team encourages and facilitates exchange between Team leaders and analysts for the transfer and sharing of expertise among all members of the Network.


We believe this research is extremely important to the health and well-being of all citizens. We have chosen to make our materials open for others to use in order to build capacity for and understanding of this research everywhere, not just within CNODES.


The Training Team takes a multifaceted approach to training. Strategies include the use of modern interactive multimedia; hosting seminars, lectures, and workshops; providing financial support for trainees to attend relevant courses; and providing rich hands-on learning environments for everyone involved with a CNODES study.


The Training Team currently engages in these main activities:

Training Opportunities

We provide financial support for trainees to attend relevant courses, workshops, and conferences (see the current training opportunities).

Training events

We host seminars, tutorials, and workshops on advanced pharmacoepidemiology topics, taught by members of the CNODES network and by guest experts (see the library of training videos).

Training resources

We are developing the Training Team webpage to serve as a hub for knowledge exchange and resources related to drug safety and effectiveness training.

Analyst training

We are in the process of developing an online training module and resource library for CNODES analysts.

Work-learn opportunities

Co-op and post-doc positions are being developed throughout the Network.