Online Lectures

Disseminating Your Research Evidence: Creating an End of Grant KT Plan

Key concepts in research dissemination, knowledge translation, and creating an end-of-grant knowledge translation plan will be discussed. The presenters will share their experience in disseminating DSEN-funded research. Opportunities for DSEN-funded researchers to collaborate to further promote the mobilization of DSEN-generated research evidence to inform practice and policy will be discussed. An end-of-grant knowledge translation workshop will be conducted.

Drug Safety in Pregnancy: Challenges and Solutions in the Modern Era of Pharmacoepidemiology

This lecture will cover the main Challenges of Pharmacoepidemiological studies on Drug safety in Pregnancy and will propose potential solutions. The goal is for participants to: 1. Understand the circumstances around the discovery and management of drug safety crises affecting pregnant women and their offspring. 2. Recognize the unique methodological challenges of discovering unintended drug effects in pregnant women in pre-marketing and post-marketing studies. 3. Describe and discuss approaches to establish boundaries of safety for drugs used in pregnancy. 4. Interpret scientific evidence and critically evaluate the literature on the safety of drugs in pregnancy.